Top 5 Best Tactical Flashlight in 2021 (Reviewed)

A tactical flashlight has many advantages if we use it. A tactical flashlight can be used for different purposes. For example, we have to fix the kitchen sink, we have to find something in the dark corner of the house, we have to look deeper into something, etc.

The tactical flashlights are also used by military officers or policemen for targeting low-light targets. Many people would think that why should we carry an extra tactical flashlight with ourselves when we have the same facility of a flashlight in our mobile phones?

It is true that the same task can be done with our mobile phones. But along with the facility of a flashlight, it leaves an effect too on mobile phones. By using the flashlight, the battery of the mobile phone drains very fast which reduces the life of the mobile.

Though there may be other reasons too if your mobile’s battery is draining very fast, this can be one of them. If you keep a tactical flashlight in your pocket, then you can do many tasks.

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Here are the names of some best tactical flashlights of the year 2019. They are listed below :

1. Pelican 7600 – Best Overall

Pelican 7600

The best tactical flashlight would be one that gives the brighter light for a long time. Along with this, the charging time of the flashlight should be less. The Pelican 7600 flashlight can work for 29 hours minimum without charging.

The flashlight comes in three colors. Along with the different colors, the user can adjust its brightness up to four levels. This flashlight can emit an intense light (spotlight) up to 225 meters.

The light is too intense such that it can make an attacker blind if it is spotted on his face or eyes. There is a USB port over the flashlight from which you can charge it at any place. For example, at home, in the car, at the office, etc.


  • The flashlight is bright
  • It is easy to operate
  • Comes with a warranty for life time
  • It is hard to break


  • The size of the flashlight is larger as compared to others

2. FENIX PD35 – Runner Up

FENIX PD35 Best Tactical FlashLights

The weight of this flashlight is three and a half ounces. The size of the flashlight is small which makes it portable. The flashlight gives you an output of 1000 lumen and can run for 140 hours minimum once charged. The brightness of the light can be adjusted up to eight levels.

There are two modes in the Fenix flashlight, universal mode, and tactical mode. When you choose the tactical mode, then you don’t need to set the brightness. On the other hand, the universal mode is the mode with so many settings.

The flashlight is durable and small in size. The disadvantages of this flashlight are, it is hard to operate and no charger comes with it.


  • The beam emitted is tight and bright
  • The flashlight is durable
  • Small in size
  • The runtime is great


  • Hard to operate
  • It is not available with a charger

3. OLIGHT M2R WARRIOR – Value for Money


The OLight M2R warrior provides the 1500 lumen power. When you think of a bright flashlight, you should think of the OLight M2R warrior flashlight. The flashlight emits light up to 200 meters.

The brightness of the flashlight can be adjusted up to six levels. The lowest level of brightness runs on the power of 1 lumen. At this power, the flashlight can emit light for 104 days. The size of the flashlight is five inches. The flashlight can easily fit into the pocket.

The product comes with a warranty of five years. So, there are no worries if you drop the flashlight by mistake. Moreover, the battery of this flashlight is very expensive.


  • It has a USB port for charging
  • The light emitted is bright
  • It has five years of warranty


  • The battery is very costly
  • It has so many modes for adjusting brightness. The user might get confused

4. THRUNITE TC12 V2 MAX – Budget Pick


The thru nite TC12 V2 Max flashlight is known as the best flashlight which can be afforded by anyone. The flashlight comes at a lower rate with high power and a tight beam of light. The flashlight works at the power of 1100 lumen. This flashlight is known as an industry leader.

The flashlight can adjust its brightness up to five levels. A button for full power is also available on the flashlight. The flashlight can emit light up to 250 meters. The weight of the product is three ounces.

The flashlight is small, portable, and lightweight. On the other hand, the runtime of the flashlight is less and there is only one tactical mode which is strobe.


  • The flashlight has a USB port for charging
  • The size is small
  • The light emitted is very bright


  • Only one tactical mode is featured which is the strobe
  • The runtime is less

5. MAGLITE MAG-TAC – Best Warranty


The weight of the Maglite Mag-Tac product is four ounces. The flashlight is small, easy to carry, and lightweight. The product comes with a warranty for life time. The product is very easy to operate.

On the other hand, the flashlight does not emit too much bright light as a tactical flashlight should do. Along with this, the flashlight has no accessories or features.


  • The size is small
  • It is hard to break
  • Easy to operate
  • The product comes with a warranty for the lifetime


  • It doesn’t have too many features
  • The light emitted is not too much bright

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Tactical Flashlight

Here are some factors which should be considered every time we buy a tactical flashlight. They are listed below:

Battery Type

The battery of the tactical flashlights comes in two types, non-rechargeable, and rechargeable. Non-rechargeable batteries are preferred for those who don’t need to use flashlights very frequently. Such batteries are easily available everywhere and come at a lower cost. Rechargeable batteries are preferred for those who use the flashlight very frequently. The rechargeable batteries are more cost-saving as well as time-saving.

Light Outputs and Lumen

The lumen is the unit for measuring the output of the flashlight. The more is the lumen of the flashlight; the more will be the brightness of the light of the flashlight.


Many people don’t consider the durability of the flashlight. It is the factor which should be considered by everyone. The durability of the flashlight tells about the life span of the flashlight.  Generally, these flashlights are waterproof and impact resistant.


Budget is also a factor which is not minded by many people. Those people who are addicted to flashlights are ready to purchase it at any cost. The most durable, bright, and portable flashlights are available at a lower cost. People should check them once.

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