Top 10 Best 6 Person Tent in 2021 (Reviewed)

Do you love trekking and camping? So, if you plan to go for a trek with your friends or family and have to buy individual tents, what’s the point of going together? Also, you want to spend a vacation with your family and cannot stay together, then half of the fun is spoiled.

This is where a 6 person tent comes in handy. It can easily accommodate 6 people so that you can enjoy your vacation with your friends and family. No more do you have to stay in a little space. Here, you can comfortably sleep and bond together.

Such a 6 person tent will be extremely beneficial because vacation trips are the only moments when you get to spend some time with your loved ones. Amidst the busy work life, it’s not always possible to unite and enjoy together. And if you have to spend in little individual tents even while on the trip, then when would you unite and recreate some memorable moments! This is where a 6 person tent can help you.

Also, even if you are planning a trip with less than 6 people, a 6 person tent is ideal for you because here you will get enough space to stay comfortably, keep your luggage and other items wherever you want. The capacity of 6 person tent is large enough to accommodate everything.

In this article, we will discuss the best 6 person tents and their features so that you don’t have to waste your money. Read our article and make a great purchase.

So, without further ado, let’s proceed.

Top 10 Best 6 Person Tent

Image Name Features Buy Now
Coleman Sundom Tent Coleman Sundom Tent
  • The welded corners keep water outside the tent
  • Large windows give enough ventilation
  • Insta clip pole attachments on every window that fits 6 people or two queen airbeds
Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room
  • It comes with a screen room that provides extra ventilation
  • The extended windows offer enhanced air circulation
  • It has storage pockets to keep place neatly
Coleman Montana Coleman Montana
  • The angled windows allow you to keep them open during rain and prevent water to enter
  • The door awning offers extra weather protection as well as air circulation
  • Waterproof cover
Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent
  • Extend window awnings help to keep the window open for air circulation
  • It easily fits into the carry bag
  • The screen room offers an extra sleeping area
Core Dome Tent Core Dome Tent
  • Water repellent fabric to prevent leak
  • Mesh ceiling to help the hot air get out
  • You can keep little items in the mesh pocket of the ceiling
Kelty Outback Tent Kelty Outback Tent
  • Its D door offers ease of access
  • The mesh design is ideal for the hot season as you can always witness the surrounding
  • The color-coded clip design allows a faster setup
Ayamaya Pop Up Tent Ayamaya Pop Up Tent
  • It is made of high quality 190T polyester
  • Sealed seams in the folding area prevent leaky water
  • Double layer connected by hooks that resist condensation
Mobihome Dome Tent Mobilehome Dome Tent
  • Its unique design is sure to amaze the viewers
  • With a fly seam taped, the tent ensures that no bug can enter into it
  • It has large mesh windows and doors for amazing ventilation
Weanas Dome Pop Up Tent Weanas Dome Pop Up Tent
  • The pop-up tent doesn’t require any extra tools to set up
  • Sealed seams allow preventing leaking water
  • It has a spacious floor of 9.5 x 6.6 ft
Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Eureka Copper Canyon Tent
  • The cabin-style tent is of a unique design
  • The bathtub floor allows you to keep the place clean and mud-free
  • Its 7 ft interior height is amazing to accommodate everyone and you can easily stretch out

1. Coleman Sundom Tent – Best Overall

Coleman Sundom Tent

The mesh vents, along with large windows helps in proper ventilation. The polyethylene floor is in a bathtub style helps in extreme weather protection and the welded corners help against leaky floors.

The free-standing design helps the users to easily set it up and takedown. The zippered electrical access port helps to continue AC power inside the tent.

The dome design is attractive as well as easy to take down. It has a 6 ft height where an average height person can easily stand and move.


  • Its snag-free design helps to set it up within 10 minutes
  • The mesh roof and the big windows help in better ventilation
  • The welded seams in the corners help to prevent leaks
  • The large door and 6 ft. height of the tent helps anyone to easily stand and roam inside the tent


  • You may have to buy ponies individually

2. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room – Runner up

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

The bug-free lounging with a separate screen room lets you sleep comfortably. The tent is enough spacious to accommodate 2 queen-size airbeds. It has 5 ft 8-inch height so that you can easily stan and stretch out.

The inverted seams allow you to protect stuff during rainy weather. It has a wind-responsive frame. The zipper protection helps to prevent water leakage inside it.

Also, you can remove the rain fly so that sunlight can get into the tent or you can also gaze upon at the stars during nighttime.


  • The mesh roof helps you to prevent bugs
  • It is ideal for car camping trips
  • Its separate screen room offers extra ventilation and the large window awnings also help in air circulation
  • You can easily set up the snug free designed tent in 15 minutes


  • Keep in check the rain fly so that it doesn’t tear. Otherwise, bugs may enter

3. Coleman Montana

Coleman Montana

The port helps to get electric power inside the tent. The mesh pockets attached to the inside of the tent allow you to store small things inside it. The wind-protective frame helps to let you stay comfortable even during stormy weather.

It has zipper protection that allows you to easily get and out. Its waterproof floor is further effective during campaigning in adverse weather. It has 12×7 feet along with a 5 ft 8-inch height that lets any average person stand comfortably and walk without bending neck.

It is spacious enough to accommodate 6 people or 2 queen-size airbeds. The combination clips further help to easily set it up.


  • It has a convenient flashlight loop at its ceiling
  • The polyethylene floor helps to avoid mud and water. It also soaks muddy shoes without spoiling the entire tent
  • Its bathtub style design offers extreme weather protection
  • The windows and roof vents offer extra air circulation and are enough durable


  • 6 people may find it a bit tight inside the space. However, if you are in a small duration camping, the tent is ideal

4. Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent

Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent

Its screened room allows extra space during the night to sleep comfortably. Enjoy a bug-free travel and camping experience with this mesh roofed tent.

The color-coded poles help in an easy setup. With its 5 ft 8 inch you can easily stretch out inside it. The mini mesh pockets help you to store small items.


  • You can easily set up the tent with its color-coded poles
  • Value for money
  • The window mesh helps to prevent water while allowing extra air circulation
  • Unique design


  • Though the company claims you can pack it inside a carry bag, we won’t recommend that. Multi folding can ruin its structure and the mud and dirt will ruin your bag

5. Core Dome Tent – Budget Pick

Core Dome Tent

The sealed seams help the tent to keep water outside. The adjustable air intake pulls cool water from the ground and the mesh ceiling lets hot air get out.

The rain fly can be removed in the hot weather to gaze at the clear night. The lantern hook and organizing pockets help you to decorate the tent in your own way.


  • Active bead technology helps the users to let the water runoff
  • The venting system is advanced as it can draw cool air from the ground and lets hot air pass through the mesh ceiling
  • Water block technology keeps water outside and won’t leak
  • It is extremely affordable


  • The tent may not be ideal during winter because it draws cold air from the ground and allows hot air to pass through the mesh ceiling. However, if you are looking for a tent within budget and during the hot season, this one can be a good choice

6. Kelty Outback Tent

Kelty Outback Tent

The oversized D Door helps to get in and out easily. The waterproof full-coverage rainfly offers all-time weather pleasure. The color-coded clips allow you to set it up real quick. The poles are made of fiberglass.

With an 87 ft tent floor area, it can easily accommodate 6 people or 2 queen airbeds. It can stay stabilized during windy weather.

Guyline store pockets help you to keep little items inside the mesh pockets. The taped floor seams won’t let the water come in.


  • With an oversized D door, you can easily get in or out
  • The taped floor seams prevent water leakage
  • Clip and pole construction helps in easy set up within 10-15 minutes
  • The dome shape has a beautiful look


  • The rain fly is not removable and is always fully covered. So you cannot open it to enjoy the outer view or let sunlight come in. However, it’s ideal for the rainy or winter season

7. Ayamaya Pop Up Tent – Perfect Size for Hiking

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

The vented rainfly helps you to keep the tent dry. Further, the sealed seams won’t let water enter. The tent is specially made with inner and outer layers that prevent condensation.

There’s a gap between these two layers that allow extra ventilation. It has 2 large doors so that you can easily enter and exit. Large mesh windows on both the side help in air circulation.

It has a vestibule design to get some more space where you can keep shoes, dog, or campaign gear. You can also leave the muddy shoes in this vestibule so that dirt doesn’t enter the main part of the tent.

Here 4 to 6 adults can sleep in the sleeping bags or 3 to 5 people with loads of luggage bags. Its e port allows you to get a power cord from an external power source and charge any device inside the tent.


  • The vestibule allows you to keep muddy and dirty shoes or clothes, large dogs, or anything you want. It allows you to have some extra space
  • Thee port helps you to get power inside the tent from the outer power source
  • Its small size is perfect for hiking or climbing


  • Though the brand claims it to be a 6 person tent, it can accommodate 6 persons in sleeping bags. But if you have tons of luggage, it can accommodate 3 to 5 people

8. Mobihome Dome Tent – Lightweight

Mobihome Dome Tent

This is ideal for camping, hiking, touring, or any vichel trips. It has a door extension as an awning that offers extra space. Its center height is 55 inches which can fit any adult of average height.

With 14.3 lbs lightweight, the tent is perfect for climbing and hiking as you won’t have to carry extensive luggage. The hub system allows a quick setup.

It has a unique design that can fit 2 queen size beds and allow anyone to easily stretch and roam around. Water repellent rain fly won’t enter any water leak and is fit for the rainy season.


  • The tent is fit for trekking, traveling, hiking, backyard camping, beach camping, or any other festival camping
  • The micro-mesh roof and three big windows with two zippered doors offer amazing ventilation while keeping the flies out
  • Its unique design is sure to catch eyeballs of the fellow tourists


  • The tent is ideal for a couple with two or three children. However, it may not fit 6 adult people. So you better keep that in mind

9. Weanas Dome Pop Up Tent – Ease of Use

Weanas Dome Pop Up Tent

The popup tent doesn’t require any additional tool as you can just throw it and it will set up on its own. Therefore it is amazing for tourists. Also, it comes with a circular carry bag along with a shoulder strap so you can easily carry it around.

The mesh doors offer proper airflow. Its two windows allow you to keep it open and let the breeze come it while the mesh on it keeps bugs away. You can also keep the muddy shoes and other stuff in the extended vestibule and keep the interior clean.


  • The storage pockets help to keep little items in an organized manner
  • The popup tent is easy to set: simply throw it and it will pop up and be set on its own
  • The tent is absolutely value for money


  • The center height is 4.3 ft, so a tall person may need to bend a bit and feel a bit uncomfortable, inside the tent

10. Eureka Copper Canyon Tent – Comfort

Eureka Copper Canyon 6

The cabin design of the tent is unique. Its e power port allows you to get electricity from the outside source. The bathtub floor allows you to keep the place clean and mud-free.

It has two storage pockets where you can keep little items. Pole sleeves, rings, and hubs are attached to the tent so that you can easily set it up. Its 7 ft interior height is amazing to accommodate everyone and you can easily stretch out.


  • Its 7 ft interior height is amazing to accommodate everyone and you can easily stretch out
  • The cabin style is design allows you to keep cots or airbeds. It is also beautiful to look at
  • You can easily charge your electronic devices with the help of e port that allows you to get electricity from the outer source


  • The tent is expensive. But the comfort it provides with its spacious interior is value for money

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